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  • Chris's art comes from a place only he knows - but it's a place we like! His work will always have a place at 8Ball.co.uk and we're happy to have him as one of our partners. Richard Flanagan

  • Chris Carr has a very creative and exciting feel to his work. His skills with doing computer generated original art are truly incredible – Pete Wurster Founder & Owner Unity Snowboards Colorado

  • We Commissioned Drawn to Play to create two pieces of street style art for the opening of our architectural studio, I cannot tell you how pleased we were with the end result and the positive feedback that we have had. HCA

  • Chris has always been on the mark! His attention to his customers need makes it so we always get what we want and we are never disappointed with the end result!!!His eye for detail is obvious from the depths of his work...Drew Sanger-Dazed Retailing Ltd